Monday, December 7, 2015

AKA MANTO Gets an Honorable Mention in Top Five Screenplays

My feature screenplay. AKA MANTO: DREAD FLUSH, gets an Honorable Mention in the Top Five Screenplays at Zed Fest Film Festival's Screenplay Competition.


1st Place
The Lurking Man
Maritza Brikisak

2nd Place
Infectious or Squid-Tongue Sleep walking Monster Apocalypse
Janet Hetherington


Within These Walls Tracie Jules

Aka Manto: Dread Flush Jeff Kacmarynski

Hell On Neptune Robert Rogers

Equation David Maddox

Deadly Entanglement Gregory Wolk

Cracked Mirror Robert G. Christie

The Seed Anthony Mezza

Crummville Diana Woody

It's Not About Bigfoot Mindy Bledsoe

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

'Dread Flush' sample

Here's a brief snippet from a draft of my screenplay DREAD FLUSH.
I see writers posting small samples of written stories and other works a lot. While I realize this is unorthodox for screenwriters, I thought I'd give it a shot!
Thanks for reading.
Just trying to keep the nightmares real.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some pretty exciting things have gone down and are currently going down.

BRINE screened at the following festivals: HP Lovecraft Film Fest, Rock and Shock, Zed Fest Film Festival, and Freeky Creek Film Festival and The Night of Horror Film Festival / Fantastic Planet Horror Sci- Fi and Fantasy Fest.
BRINE also received an award at the Zed Fest Film Festival for *Screen Story*. I think that's a way of saying screenplay....perhaps?

BRINE has made its way online here is * Brine if ,anyone reading this, so wishes to watch it.

SPEAKING IN TONGUES is another short screenplay I wrote, that has been made into a film. This is an attempt at something a little lighter and still slightly, in the realm of Lovecraft. It screened at the Freeky Creek Film Festival in October. I'm not sure if it will be making the rounds next year to any other festivals, so here is Speaking in Tongues , if anyone would like to watch.

In other screenwriting news, my screenplay AKA MANTO: DREAD FLUSH, is a finalist in the Zed Fest Film Festival's 2015 Screenplay Competition. Somehow, I managed to get in next to some heavy hitters and talent in screenwriting and the festival circuit. Congrats to them all, as well.

Here is the link  to the list of Finalist Screenplays!!

I'm also trying another attempt at a short film, early next year. So, hopefully this will work out and we'll have a darkly funny, disturbing super short film to show anyone who is reading this, in 2016.

Thanks for reading, if you are. Have a great  whatever Winter Holiday you celebrate, if any.
As always, just typing this to keep the demons in the world and out of my mind.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An Update That Requires One to Think *Inside* the Box.

So..a few more laurels to add for DEAD THERAPY.
Proof that I was there for Indie Incubator.
What an ugly son of a bitch..
Greetings! Time for some more self indulgent self promotion that only seems to get me into trouble. Right?

So, since my last post back in August a few interesting things happened.

DEAD THERAPY played at the Rock and Shock Film Festival  in October.   Hell yes!                       I was unable to attend this insane event, but was so psyched to be a part of a film festival that included DEAD SNOW 2, among other cool films.

DEAD THERAPY also screened at the Indie Incubator Film Festival in Chicago during the month of November. Got to attend that. Was the second (or third) film to play that night. Lots of fun. Very cool festival and I highly recommend it.

Going to try to send it out to some smaller festivals this year. Let's see what happens.

Flooding the competitions this year with my previous winner.

Cleaned up some short screenplays for some competitions this year. Sending out SEAWORTHY to some comps.  No new feature for 2015, but sending off my winner and festival finalist WITH CHILD to several more this year, after an extensive re-write I did the past few months.

My short film LIFE OF FLORENCE RAE never really amounted to anything other than an online experience over at YouTube and Vimeo. Still proud of the way it turned out. Lots of people would disagree, but what.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the self indulgent promotions. Please leave a hate message at the door and I'll do another one!



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Life of Florence Rae

So here's my attempt at another short film.
I'm not sure if anyone is reading this, but I'll drop the link.
Thanks to whomever may be watching.

I've made a radical change in my workflow. I've become tired of writing feature scripts in a market where it seems everyone is doing this. Competitions are nice, but they are kinda just pats on the back and ego boosters. I've rarely seen a win get any place beyond that. Shifting my focus to writing short scripts that  can make into short films.

I realize my films are no budget and not full of technical marvel, but its better than wasting the 100's of dollars on these dead end competitions.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A new short movie.

On August 2 and 3, I shot a new short movie. THE LIFE OF FLORENCE RAE went without almost any problems. Had a great cast and small crew. Hoping to get started on a rough edit soon.

I went with a look that really does not define one time period. There are clothes that are out of the 60's. Cars that are modern and from the 70's. Gothic looking paintings from when I don't know. Flip cell phones. Once the edit is done, I hope the music will convey this feeling as well. There will be a lot of theremin featured.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the two day shoot.

Here's some of the cast and crew sitting inside of *Rex*, the vehicle that we were so kindly allowed to use for the shoot. It was incredible to have him on set. Oh by the way, I'm in the passenger seat...not too many pictures of myself make their way in the web.

Here is a grab from the actual footage. It's a raw shot, but it's a nice start. Notice the blood. Yes, this gets a little bloody towards the end.

There's a lot of other cool pics I'd like to post, but that would give away too much of the plot, so they will have to wait until the completed short.

I'm not doing much *promotion* or *talk* about this one. I did too much of that with my last short. I was under ...or I put myself under perhaps....a lot of stress to try to impress because the script won an award for short screenplay. Awards are nice, but they don't get you jobs. Maybe I put the stress on myself, or maybe there were people who were expecting a better product. Anyway, I dropped the ball, spent too much time trying to get attention for the short, too much promotion on Facebook and the like. Bottom line one cares about a short film until it's done....other than the people who worked on it.

Less promotion and more focusing on a better product. That's the lesson I learned. So these pics will most likely be it. I'll post more when I get a great final edit locked.

On the writing side of things, I'm looking at some options for a new feature script for next year's round of festivals. I may return to a script that was even too dark for me, and left it about five years ago. Or I could start a new dark script. Or I could complete my grindhouse steampunk fairy tale script. Or do what I call a Lovecraftian Super Hero script. Yup. I just typed that.


There. I'm done. As I always say, I'm most likely talking to myself. But that's OK. It keeps the demons in my mind and not out in the world.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

ALIEN. Thirty-five years ago today. I remember being there like it was yesterday.

So, wow. Thirty-five years ago today, ALIEN came out. This makes me feel terribly old. I would have been at the end of first grade in 1979.  Despite the young age, I was fortunate enough to see this masterpiece the day it came out....with my parents of course.

Things were different back then. Before major movies like this came out, the comic version came out months before the movie. Novelizations came out. Picture books, magazines, etc, etc. I had the *graphic novel* version of the movie...published by Heavy Metal of all magazines....and the Making Of Alien book (I still have these today). I was prepared for all the gruesome things that were about to unfold before my eyes....the egg chamber was creepy, the facehugger jumping out startled me. However, despite my knowing *exactly* when the chestburster scene was about to happen, nothing prepared me for what was happening from that point on. I was *amazed*.The last half hour had me terrified and thrilled and overjoyed....the same feelings I get to this day. It was like being in the ultimate haunted house. From that point on in my life, I was amazed with everything Giger made up (well...mostly....what they published in the sci-fi magazines....I only later discovered just how sexually warped the man was a few years later in middle school). 

ALIEN became a turning point in my life kind of....something I always remember. Gone was the *innocence*  of STAR WARS and Spielberg. This was the *real shit*. I was inspired...not dared me to dream stories and not have nightmares.

Finally in December of that year, the giant ALIEN figure was time for Christmas. Of course it was sitting under our Holiday Tree.....and...I still have it.

ALIEN. That was some experience back in May of 1979. Something that never will be replicated, recreated, matter how or where I see it today. Needless to say, I'm going to watch it tonight...